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Where to study? Compare Top Seven countries and regions

Why go abroad?
Stagger the national college entrance examination pressure: an annual average of more than nine million candidates across the country, it can be admitted about 10% of one can be described as cream of the crop.
Practice language skills: do not want to always just how are you, fine thank you, how do you do so these simple English abroad can learn relatively good English, can improve your English level.
Broaden their horizons, to experience a different way of life: the great East-West cultural differences, different lifestyles, by studying abroad can feel different.
Enhance the competitiveness of a job: buy fake degree, fake diploma, buy degree, buy certificate, buy fake university diploma, buy fake college diploma, buy high school diploma, buy a bachelor degree, buy master's degree, buy fake MBA degree, after returning to a million a year, I would like to become a teacher professors, associate professors. Many people abroad have a lot of purposes, I want to go abroad can improve my English level, I would say in the country, "because study can improve your employability and competitiveness."
Where to study?
UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong
These popular countries to study how to choose? In the end which place is more suitable for me?
Now, Wu teacher and professional schools compare two selection latitude we analyze these seven popular country own characteristics.
The elite went to the United States
The United States has the most universities, most of the scholarships, a good professional choice. There are 460,000 students in 2015, while the US accounted for about 30%.
Now the trend is to study more and more high school students to the United States, of course, the traditional undergraduate and graduate degree or to study in the US mainstream.
American School
4000 universities, schools throughout the United States more than 50 states. buy UK degree, buy fake UK diploma, buy US degree, buy fake Australian degree, buy fake Malaysia degree, buy a degree from Singapore, how to buy a fake degree online, buy fake degree from Canada, In the United States the top 100 schools, are the best universities. why? The top 100 US school is probably the front row of 300 universities in the world; among them 52 hundred schools in the world which, while China is only four, namely, Tsinghua University, Beijing University, Hong Kong University and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.
American Professional
US learn what is good? Preferred is a professional CS and EE professional, communications and computers, IT, engineering, construction is China's favorite popular professional; In addition, medicine, biology, mathematics and other sciences as well as professional and domestic students are enthusiastic professional reasons is the basis of good students in physics and chemistry, such professional learning more confident; in addition there is now a very good professional employment trends, such as law, education and professional education course, the United Kingdom will be better than the United States, because Britain Education of origin, have this history and heritage. So if you are a professional education can also be considered British.

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