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Most UK students have mental health problems most commonly depression and anxiety

British media reported that a recent survey showed: the presence of mental health problems than a quarter of the British undergraduate college students. Among them, the proportion of boys with mental health problems in about 19%, while in girls this case up to a third. The ratio of students in the LGBT community is also very high, UK degree, UK diploma, buy fake UK degree, buy fake UK diploma, buy a bachelor degree from UK ,buy London degree, buy UK master's degree, buy a MBA from UK, buy fake UK degree, nearly half of them (45%) admit to endure suffering mental health problems. Yu View surveyed (YouGov) report released British university students there is a wide range of mental health problems. Survey shows that more than half of the students know that around one to five people are suffering from mental illness, while only 8% of the students that there is no mental health problems of people around.
According to the report the results, depression and anxiety the most common mental health problems exist in nearly three-quarters of students have two people at the same performance. In addition, think they are enduring mental health problems afflict students, nearly half said these issues affect their ability to complete daily work, even 4% of respondents could not complete the simplest of tasks. University of Southampton research and Solon NHS trusts have found economic difficulties and fear in loan liabilities have increased the risk of students' depression and alcohol dependence and other mental health problems. buy fake certificate, buy fake university diplomas, buy college diploma, buy fake high school diploma, buy NEBOSH IGCE, how to get a bachelor degree quickly,  "Groups Mental Health Journal" editor Thomas Richardson says: "We may not be able to alleviate student debt, but we can help them do a good job of economic management, reduce the psychological pressure because of excessive fears arising." Studies also show students learn the main pressure comes from. Qi Cheng said that college students are the main source of their stress, 39 percent of students at the same time worry the problem of employment, in addition to family problems 35% of the students for this concern. However, although the proportion of students with mental health problems high, ninety percent of the students had to tutors advice, but only a fifth of the students used the school's mental health services. Chief executive of the British Association of University Nicola Dandridge represents the universities will take the problem seriously, but he added: "The real challenge facing the British universities is to establish for the relevant services and the existing system of cooperation strong support, so that NHS (national health service, that is, where to buy a fake degree, buy MBA from UK, the British national health service) can be used for the people in need. Remember that the university health services regardless of how good it can replace NHS students suffering from mental illness We can provide professional care. "

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