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NEBOSH IGC exam experience

NBEOSH exam currently increasing popularity in the world! Whether business or personal NEBOSH IGC certificates are also more and more attention to it! NEBOSH examinations total of three parts, IGC1, IGC2, IGC3. Well, today to take this opportunity and share IGC1 exam experience.
What needs to be done to prepare the exam:
1, adequate sleep;
2, one day exam proper relaxation, proper diet and to avoid get sick, some of the effects of sleep or eat foods;
3, ready ahead of the exam tools, pens, rulers, dictionaries;
4, the examination time was 2.5 hours, or 150 minutes, please grasp a good time.
Examination process
Examination should pay attention to the following aspects
1, more attention to some of the topics during the examination of key words, such as: Outline, Explain, Describe. Moderation is very important!
2, please read each question twice;
3. Make sure your answer, concentrate on the theme, concise! Digress there is no score!
4, often your answers and questions closely linked. Such as: Simply saying "Provide PPE" is not enough What is PPE Why.??
5. Finally, remember to set aside 15 minutes to check the time
Exam from experience (core):
1, pay attention to moderation, the trial is unclear questions were very easy to grasp the wrong direction, buy fake NEBOSH IGC certificate, buy fake NEBOSH IGC diploma, buy a fake NEBOSH IGC certificate in UK, buy fake UK NEBOSH IGC,
but also had zero write more points, you can put a pen on paper focusing words remind myself zoned out, before they put pen to answer this question we must really want to figure out the assessment knowledge (remember).
2, according to the requirements (command word) and scores to determine how they organize language, some conceptual questions, asked what answer anything; some include questions, each one is a simple word or a few words must be based command word and scores given; some interpret analysis problem, we need some of the more elaborate. Usually the teacher grading is based on how much you score points in reply to the points.

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