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UK government has made every effort to pursue entrepreneurial education

Enthusiastic entrepreneurship and strong investment in entrepreneurship education, the British government has high expectations for entrepreneurship education, so that many challenges facing higher education.
1. The target is too high. In the UK government's policy framework, where to buy UK fake degree, how to get a UK university diploma, entrepreneurship is understood to be the direct creation of new companies or to allow existing companies to survive and grow. Entrepreneurship is seen as an important means of creative commercialization, increased productivity and the challenge of addressing globalization. Correspondingly, young people between the ages of 14 and 30 are considered to be the most entrepreneurial potential. The responsibility of the government is to encourage these young people to release their entrepreneurial potential. As a result, entrepreneurship education is given too high expectations. This is more in the policy text, for example, "to let everyone have the opportunity to accept entrepreneurship education", "entrepreneurial education is the economic sustainable development and social progress of the power mechanism", "entrepreneurship education can enhance innovation and economic growth" , "Entrepreneurship education can enhance creativity and promote personal development", "entrepreneurial education not only to cultivate entrepreneurial talent, but also to develop future leaders and innovators.These future leaders and innovators can not only create new jobs and society Value, and can lead others to create a better future. " In short, many too optimistic and achievement-oriented statements are used in the interpretation of entrepreneurship education, while ignoring the implementation of entrepreneurship education process.
2. The range is too wide. The British government and related institutions to promote entrepreneurship uphold the idea that all students, regardless of their future career orientation, need to embrace entrepreneurship education to create a culture of entrepreneurship in the student community. buy fake degree, buy fake diploma, buy university diplomas, buy a fake degree, buy fake transcript, Because there are too many expectations for the output of entrepreneurial education, many entrepreneurial education programs are embedded in the curriculum of higher education, rather than integrating the system into a system. With the gradual increase in the importance of entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurship and business began to enter a large number of higher education curriculum system, these courses are not only set up in the business profession, but also in other professional curriculum. According to statistics, 45% of universities in the UK have set up business and business courses.
The method is too hard. In order to make the entrepreneurship education in the field of higher education fruitful, the relevant policy makers have noticed the importance of the entrepreneurial education method and actively pursued the methods of entrepreneurship education, how to buy a fake UK high school diploma, including interactive learning and the learner's teaching method. Simulation game and business plan contest. In addition, practical projects and practical activities, study of problems and methods of doing secondary education are strongly recommended. The problem is that students have different educational needs, some students will be eager to become entrepreneurs, some students are only attracted by the technology of high-tech enterprises, and some students want to be self-employed, to achieve financial freedom, more Some students are not interested in entrepreneurship, so they completely exclude entrepreneurship education.

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