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Australian students play major role in NASAs resupply mission, fake diploma for sale

NASA's Cape Canaveral corner in Florida, a commercial SpaceX rocket owned by entrepreneur Elon Musk, a series of experiments designed by Australian students.
Yesterday evening, Sydney West Sydney Science and Technology High School School Library, the students held a night of vigil in the night when they were waiting to watch the launch, which was at 2:31 am today on NASA television Live.
Over time, at 12:31 pm Florida time, the kids played chess, Uno, and waved the Martians on the space movie to play on the big screen.
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"They are very excited, but a little worried, where to get a fake degree, how to purchase fake diploma, buy AAU diploma, like their parents, it's dark, but you know that this is the love of the parents," David, 13 years old.
"Life experience"
The same time as
NASA Kennedy / KSC ✔ @ NASAKennedy
We have LIFTOFF! @ SpaceX #Dragon spacecraft to leave the earth, to @Space_Station to provide science and materials. View: http: //www.nasa.gov/live
12:33 am to August 15, 2017
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At 2 am, the atmosphere of the Doonside library was electric.
NASA scientists have announced that the conditions of departure are correct and the students are daunting.
NASA scientists at 2:30 am announced: "Everything went."
Launch director announced: "to launch".
With Florida's countdown, it was responded to by Doonside's kids.
The school has been committed to this project, buy fake certificate, buy fake university diplomas, buy MIT fake degree, buy Cornell University fake degree, buy University of California fake diploma, the purpose is to make space travel easier, a few months, the rocket launch finally the reaction is gratifying.
When the spacecraft into space, the library broke out in the great cheers.
8th grade student Harrison III said that this is a lifetime of experience.

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