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Man eating expired 10 years flight meal crew: it's antique should overcharged your money

People who often fly the plane know that although the aviation food is not delicious, but still clean and sanitary, at least not expired. However, everything has been an exception, the British man Adrian Bell on the unfortunate "winning" in the plane to eat out of food, but also has expired for 10 years.
British "Daily Mail" website reported on August 16, Bell and his wife on June 15 to end the holiday, take Louis Airlines flight back home. buy British fake degree, buy UK fake diploma, buy fake diploma in UK, buy fake degree in London, He bought a cheese sandwich on the plane, but shocked him that the shelf life was actually June 16, 2007. Although he ate the sandwich, but still with the crew to reflect the problem.
"I told the crew about the matter, but they said the sandwiches did not expire, but they were only looking at the date and month and did not look at the year," he recalls. "The date of the packaging is clearly written on June 16, 2007 They were outdated for ten years, and they said that no one had complained about it. "At that time, the crew also jokingly said," We ought to have more money for you. It 's an antique.
Bell revealed that, after he reflected the situation, the crew still sold the sandwich to the passengers. where to buy fake degree, where to buy fake UK diplomas? how to make a fake degree, fake diploma sample, fake degree for sale in London, So he reminded the other passengers to eat before looking at the shelf life.
Later, he also sent a letter to the customer complaints, but did not receive any reply. After answering the matter, the airline did not apologize to Bell, but dissatisfied with his complaint, saying that the date was obviously a typographical error and said, "Some people will think that we are surprised."
As of August 16, the airline still insisted that the sandwich in the shelf life, that misunderstanding is caused by the date of the printing error. A company spokesman said they had already done a survey with the partners and confirmed that the sandwich had not expired.

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