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How to obtain a Canadian fake passport/visa

How to obtain a Canadian fake passport/visa
Ordinary Canadian passport cover is dark blue, the middle of the printed Canadian national emblem of gold. The national emblem reads "CANADA" (in English and French the same), under the national emblem in English and French (Canada's two official languages) printed PASSPORT and PASSEPORT, the words below the electronic travel document logo (EPassport logo.svg) . Ordinary passport has 36 pages.
Passport versions issued after 2001 have security features similar to those on Canadian notes, including microprints, holographic images, UV visible images, watermarks and other details. In addition, photos of passport holders are now printed on passports (using standard ink and UV visible ink), whereas in the past, physical photographs were directly pasted on passports. The e-passport chip contains all the passport information page content and the holder of the digital photos. where to buy Canadian passport/visa, how to make a fake Canadian passport/visa, how much does a fake Canadian passport/visa cost, how much for Canadian fake Passport/visa, buy the highest quality passport/visa.
The passport holder pages are available in English and French. The bar code and the letters below the personal information page are Machine Readable Zones.
Personal Information Page
Picture of passport holder
Type (P) (meaning Personal passport, that is, a private passport)
Country of issue ("CAN", Canadian ISO 3166-1 code)
Passport Number
name, Nationality (Canadian / Canadienne) (Canada, written in English and French), date of birth, gender
Place of birth (city and country of birth), Date of issue, Issuing agency, Expiration date
A passport issued from May 2015 will not print a signature on a personal information page, but an adult passport holder will still need to sign on the third page.
In order to facilitate the management of the government, usually in accordance with the purpose of foreigners to enter the different visas, including:
how to buy Transit Visa: For transit or return to a third country, such a visa usually allows the holder to stay within 7 days and is prohibited from work.
how to buy Tourist Visa: For tourism purposes, such visas usually allow a holder to stay within 90 days and are prohibited from working.
how to buy Business Visa (Business Visa): used to engage in business activities (such as business negotiations, cooperation), and its properties similar to tourist visas.
how to buy Working Visa: Permits foreign nationals to work, buy UK fake passport/visa, buy USA fake passport/visa, buy Malaysia fake passport/visa, buy Dubai fake passport/visa, how to apply a Canadian Visa, which is usually longer. Some countries do not issue such visas, how to apply immigration without a real passport/visa, requiring applicants to apply to the labor department for a work permit.
how to buy Spousal Visa: Foreign spouse for citizens.
how to buy Student Visa (Student Visa), allowing foreign students to receive education. Whether the permit holders to allow work, the provisions of different countries.
Working Holiday Visa: Allows travelers to work in the country of issuance for the purpose of making up for their travel funds.
Diplomatic Visa or Official Visa: For foreign heads of state, diplomats or dependents.
Courtesy Visa: For foreign guests invited by the government.
Journalist Visa, Immigrant Visa
Retirement Visa (Pensioner Visa)
Special Category Visa
Immigration visa: to get the visa before they can apply for nationality
Electronic Visa: the first to appear in Australia; in addition to Hong Kong have handled the "Internet Express card" and similar measures

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