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How to Buy SEG GCSE Fake Certificate, Fake Diploma For Sale

How to Buy SEG GCSE Fake Certificate, Fake Diploma For Sale
How to buy SEG GCSE Fake Certificate, buy fake diploma, buy fake UK degree online, where to make SEG GCSE fake certificate, purchase fake diploma, AEB/SEG (The Associated Examining Board and Southern Examining Group) was the name used by an examination board serving England, Wales and Northern Ireland after the Associated Examining Board's takeover of the Southern Examining Group in 1994. buy gce fake certificate, order fake SEG GCSE certificate, It offered A Levels under the AEB name and GCSEs under the SEG name. AEB/SEG merged with NEAB to form AQA in 2000.
In 1994, the University of Oxford decided to exit the schools examinations market and broke up the Oxford School Examinations Board. It sold its A Level operations to the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate and its GCSE interests to the Associated Examining Board.Thus, the Associated Examining Board now controlled the Southern Examining Group entirely. how to obtian fake SEG GCSE certificate, buy fake IGCSE certificate, purchase fake diploma, phony SEG GCSE certificate, The AEB retained the SEG's identity, meaning GCSEs continued to be offered under the SEG brand and A Levels under the AEB name. Though legally the AEB owned the SEG, both names were used equally, with the organisation often referred to as the Associated Examining Board and Southern Examining Group (AEB/SEG).
In 1997, AEB/SEG entered into an alliance with NEAB and City & Guilds known as the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA). In 2000, AEB/SEG and NEAB (but not City & Guilds) formally merged under the name AQA and the AEB and SEG names disappeared.

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