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How to get the hardest UK Driver Licence worldwide

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How to get the UK fake Driver Licence, Can I buy a fake Driver Licence in UK, how to buy fake UK Driver Licence, buy a fake Driver Licence in London, One of the reasons to return to the UK is for my British driver's license, my driving test theory test 2 years ago has passed the examination, if the road test in 2 years, but then 2 years after the theory test void, all start again.
Because the current UK, my theory is valid to expire in April, so this test is critical, usually an examination fails, 10 days after the re-test, but the York examination of the people in particular, generally 2 weeks Time is not about the examiner exam, at least 5 weeks to wait until about re-examination of the time, so I returned to the UK before the Internet about February 25 to participate in driving test, and then set the ticket back to the UK , buy a fake diploma in UK, buy fake degree, buy fake certificate in UK, buy a bachelor degree, buy fake MSc degree in London, Also live in the UK for more than a month, how to make a fake Driver Licence in UK, is also afraid to pass, however, in April before the test again, no longer, I will give up, and other properties back to the UK after the re-start from scratch. This is my intention to take the driving test.
Do not look I am driving in the United States and the United Kingdom three years driving the country nearly nine years, buy Canadian fake Driver Licence, buy fake Driver Licence in Ontario, buy Ontario fake Driver Licence, driving mileage is far more than 100,000 km, but for the test of the British driver's license, I have failed 3 times, this is my fourth test The United States driver's license as long as they can block the steering wheel can be passed, and whether you test the automatic transmission or hand gear stalls, the driver's license of the United States is not the driver's license, As long as there is a driver's license, you can open; but in the UK, you test driver row driving license, the examination of the rear row of cars can be opened, but the test from the car, hand car is not open, the same.

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