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Yonsei University is located in Seoul, Korea, is a Christian private research university, ranked No. 2 in Korea's top universities, with Seoul National University and Korea University is known as the University of Korea days (S.K.Y.). Yonsei University (Korean: 연세 대학 교 / Yonsei University), referred to as Yan Da (Korean: 연대), Seoul, South Korea's Christian private research university, founded in 1885, is one of Korea's oldest university. 연세대 학교 졸업장 구입, It is composed of Seoul's New Village campus,  how to buy Yonsei University fake degree, how to buy Yonsei University fake diploma, buy Yonsei University fake certificate, buy Yonsei University fake transcript, the original state campus, a mountain campus, and the Matsushima international campus.
Yonsei University's mascot is an eagle, symbolizing the color is dark blue. The school emblem is a shield, engraved with Korean children "ㅇ" on behalf of the day, "ㅡ" on behalf of the ground, "ㅅ" represents the people, in the "ㅇ" on the left is the book, on behalf of "truth", buy bachelor degree from Yonsei University, buy Yonsei University master degree, Yonsei University bachelor degree sample, the right is the torch, Represents "freedom". This idea of ​​the school is from John 8: 31-32. "If you keep my word, it is my disciple, and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free."
Yonsei University and Seoul National University and Korea University are very competitive, often called "SKY", and KAIST and Sungkyunkwan University, the top five universities in the top five , Is also one of the top 1 percent of South Korea's first-class university.

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