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The University of California, abbreviated as the University of California, is a university administrative system composed of 10 universities located in California, the United States. The University of California has no head office. Every university (whether it is Berkeley, which ranks the top, or Davis, Irvine, etc., which is relatively poor, or the University of California, San Francisco, which has no undergraduate and only graduate students) is an independent public university Learn. how to create UC Santa Barbara fake diploma, obtain UC Santa Barbara fake diploma, The earliest branch of the University of California is Berkeley. Berkeley was founded in 1868, but the University of California actually originated from the University of California, which was founded in Oakland, Northern California in 1853. In 1868, the University of California officially changed its name to the University of California. In 1873, the University of California moved from downtown Auckland to Berkeley, which was still vacant at that time, in order to commemorate a great philosophy My family named the whole university town Berkeley. where to make UC Santa Barbara fake degree certificate, buy fake UC Santa Barbara bachelor degree, In 1919, the University of California opened its first campus in Los Angeles, California, and then opened campuses in Davis, Santa Barbara, and San Diego. But in 1952, as an administrative system, the University of California was separated from what we now call the University of California, Berkeley, which was no longer a separate University. At that time, Berkeley's students were always in the main school People live by themselves. Before 1952, Berkeley was indeed the main school. But after 1952, all the campuses have become independent universities. Now, the University of California has no so-called main campuses.

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