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Study at University of Toronto

University of Toronto St. George campus is much ARTS largest academic unit, which has a Department of Linguistics, Department of English, Italian Department of Slavic Languages ​​and Literature, Social Sciences, Department of History, Department of Philosophy, Department of Economics, Department of Anthropology, Astronomy, Botany, Chemistry, computer Science, Fine Arts Department, the Department of East Asian studies, Department of Geography, Department of Geology, the Middle East Department of Islamic studies, Department of Physics, Chemistry, Psychology Department, and Department of Mathematics, statistics Department, how to buy University of Toronto degree, buy University of Toronto certificate, buy University of Toronto diploma, buy a MBA from University of Toronto, buy University of Toronto transcript, lost my University of Toronto degree certificate, more than 30 academic faculties, more than 800 teaching projects. Arts also has jurisdiction Innis College, New College, St. Michael's College, Trinity College, University College, Victoria College, and Webster University and other 9 were more than 50 semi-independent colleges teaching program.
As a research university, research is not only the cornerstone of much success, is today the core of development. The school has a large number of contributions from the community and alumni, and (about $ 1.54 billion in 2011, excluding contributions from the college), has become one of the world's ten largest public research university.
There are currently 67,128 undergraduate students, University of Toronto, including the main campus accounted for 63.6%, Mississauga and Fort Sega Angeles accounted for 19% and 17.4%, respectively, accounting for 15.3% of international students; graduate 15,884 names, accounting for 95.1% main campus, international students accounting for 14.7%.
University of Toronto St. George campus has one of the world's largest alumni network, including a total of 53 thousand alumni.
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Master of Business Administration
MBA senior management
Full-time Business Administration
Bachelor of Applied Science / MBA dual degree program jointly

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