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The distinction between CSU fake degree and the University of California degree

The two universities are California-funded higher education institutions. California State University CSU is a teaching university, University of California UC is a research university, University of California UC branch of the funding may be higher than the California State University CSU are higher. According to a 2002 study, CSU teachers spend 30 hours a week teaching and instructing students to conduct research and creative activities for 10 hours. A 1984 study showed that UC teachers spent 26 hours a week teaching and mentoring students, 23 hours of research and creative activities. Dr. Charles B. Reed, president of California State University, said in a speech at the University of Southern California (USC) that California has the capacity to afford both universities (UC and CSU). However, the state government in CSU students per capita expenditure is lower. buy CSU fake degree, buy CSU fake diploma, buy UC fake degree, buy UC fake diploma, Coupled with CSU master's and doctoral research projects less, leading to CSU finishing reputation and ranking as UC. Kevin Starr, director of the 7th California Library, said the University of California (UC) had taken the top 10% of the state's high school students, while California State University (CSU) extracted 33 percent of the state's high school graduates.
At the early stages of the CSU system, the more powerful UC system blocked the right of CSU to issue certain degrees, leading to the fact that most types of PhDs are not available at the CSU. At the same time, state states in other states, such as Arizona State University, buy a bachelor degree from UC, buy UCLA master degree, have turned to a research university and have a doctorate. According to the 1960 California General Program for Higher Education, only the University of California UC can award PhD PhD (Ph.D), such as law, medicine, veterinarians, dentists. Based on the recent bills (SB 724 and AB 2382), California State University CSU can now offer some Ph.D. in PhD (Ph.D) and a Ph.D. degree (Ed.D), where to order a fake degree in USA, buy American University fake degree,  such as an audiologist Au.D degree. The University of San Diego State University, which offers the largest number of doctorates, buy fake certificate, buy fake transcript, UCLA fake degree for sale, offers 22 doctoral degrees.
For local students, California State University CSU tuition fees are only about half of the University of California UC. So California State University is known as "People's University" (People's University). For international students, CSU tuition is only one-third of UC. Traditionally, CSU is more willing to accept older college students than UC, and offers more courses at night and on the web. Most of the CSU camps recruit students from nearby areas, but with the construction and expansion of schools, some of the more prestigious camps attract a wider population.
For the "principal" of the title, the two universities are also different. The CSU system is called "chancellor" and the UC system is called "president". The CSU's Executive Head Office is located on the west side of Long Beach (Los Angeles), where the General Administration of UC is located at the Berkeley campus (San Francisco).

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