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Study in France of liberal arts professional recommended?

Paris I: the law is really good, do a good job of repetition and rebuild the psychological preparation, card card card death, unlike other schools as long as the final scores of the average score over 10/20 can be upgraded, There are societies, arts, environment and urbanization, art history and archeology, tourism, development, architecture, and cultural industry management. Paris two: the law (and 1 large and small), political science, media information. See a lot of people ask the media school information, here to say more. 2 large media academy was founded in France by the earliest research institute of meida, founded in 1937. The first year of the graduate is regardless of the particular direction, that is, medias-information-communication. M2 has PRO practice and Recherche research in two directions optional, divided into five directions: there are reporters (need concours), multimedia multimedia (partial technology, the professional employment rate of the whole law first), media and society (research media language Symbolic sociological phenomena), media and globalization (research of international media, post-graduate employment bias, diplomatie), mass and electronic culture). A 400+ application was recorded in 2014, of which one of the Japanese (who had worked in the Foreign Affairs Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, science po), one Korean (Sorbonne), one Polish (One in the Polish Embassy), one Greek, one Belarusian (practiced at the United Nations Economic Development Agency), one Venezuela, several German Brazil, several erasmus, three Chinese, and the rest of France Some people read literature, read philosophy, read the law turned, and each person in-depth understanding to find all with full of pride. The proportion of foreign students in other professions is very small. Examination form for each major class 3h discussion writing. buy Paris university fake degree, where to buy French diploma, buy a bacheor degree in Paris, The exam can be complemented, but only for each module (2 modules, each 5 classes), complement each other after the failure, it is necessary to participate in the September make-up, right you are not wrong, is the annual make-up in September. PS: The current ambassador to China, Mr. Gu Shan, graduated from two major law departments. 2 big bones are more proud, mostly from the French society above the middle class, right heavy, pro-serious. Most people have been undergraduate in the United States, or have studied. Do not imagine that they will be very interested in Asian culture, the Chinese people are very warm. PPS: M2 course is the pantheon pantheon campus in Paris, there is no feeling very high end! PPPS: school cafeteria is very difficult to eat. Paris three: cultural media, film visual arts, linguistics, LEA (foreign language language application, but also we often say that the three language translation, for the Chinese people have the advantage of the optional British and French, China and Germany, and do not want other FLE (foreign language teaching, is to train the French teacher, different from the small high French French teacher, the professional out of the general is to teach foreigners French) Art media linguistics have, I heard M1 Stage to the points is not difficult to upgrade. buy fake degree, how to make fake degree, where to find the diploma supplier, need help from diploma maker, buy a bachelor of science degree from France, 3 large media M2 has 3-5 places can be exchanged to the China Media University read. 3 big atmosphere is very free, but relative to their educational administration scolarite is also very casual. Paris four: old Sorbonne, the former theological school. It is now known primarily for liberal arts. Geography, history, language and foreign literature / French literature, sociology, philosophy, media (belonging to celsa, France's best media college, need concours entrance exam, the French are hard to enter, intense competition, test form 4h Interview) Paris five: medicine can not be considered a liberal arts class, if the psychological calculation of 5 big psychology is great, specifically for the psychological students to build a separate campus, the laboratory is also super, if it is also liberal arts Recommended! Linguistics is also very good, is a traditional academic, graduate students partial social linguistics. PS: 5 big psychological school canteen ranking all the top of the Spanish top3. Spanish paella, lamb chops, pizza, no less than the outside of the bistro, had watched the chef with a thermometer to measure the salad temperature. Paris six: science school, pass ah Paris seven: 7 big Chinese page optional this you can believe it? Visible in the 7 occupy a very strong position. May also be related to the school where the 13 districts of Paris (China City seat). Geography and history sociology, as well as Asian language learning and research (China, Japan and South Korea), English and American studies, linguistics, film news, gender research. Small gossip about 7 below the Confucius Institute, the little dragon woman Liu Yifei's father is the principal, do not know now or not. There are also LEA. I know there are FBC (French ABC) read LEA exchange to Zhejiang University for one year. buy fake diploma in PARIS, buy fake certificate in Paris, how to study in France, buy DELF B2 diploma, buy fake DELF certificate, Paris eight: very strong art professional, learning movies and the media or come here good! However, the school built in the province of San Denis saint-denis, small black small gathering place, law and order is not very good, so subtraction. Paris nine: the only schools that can compete with the business, excellent management, only one news (personal feel less suitable for students to study, need concours), if the English and French are good students can consider 9 large management college. Paris, top ten: located in the northwest of Paris 92 provinces, Well, school a little far, liberal arts, management, anthropology, architecture, film vision, law, FLE, human resources, history, LEA, linguistics, library management, marketing , Museums and heritage, education, urban planning, a lot of choice ah. But there is no special color of the discipline. Paris eleven: science school, pass! I heard 11 big 30 + sessions per semester, very hard! Paris twelve: school far ah, in the southeast of 94 provinces, word of mouth in general, liberal arts have, but not a color, and the lesson a lot of minutes exhausted your rhythm. Paris thirteen big: good management. But in the domestic reputation is not good, or forget it. (13 big graduate of the small partners do not spray me, but the objective evaluation, my good friend himself is 13 big reading M1, M2 for the business school) finished the public 13, the other can be considered is the Science Po series, cattle Forced shining, culture of politicians where the place, similar to the domestic diplomatic college. This and our domestic exchange project, recommended to take the exchange project, directly from the country was admitted as a student identity and then read, interested can consult their home weibo. Politics, history, philosophy, and media. And then you can consider the business school (more money), HEC has a media professional, management. Stable in France TOP3. In addition HEC is the only worldwide recognized PHD course business school. On the other provinces of the school, Lyon 2, Montpellier 3, Toulouse 2, Grenoble 3, liberal arts are very good. (In fact, I am not very aware of the situation in other provinces, I heard that Strasbourg University City is very good, but it seems particularly difficult to enter) look forward to other children to add, specifically talk about the situation in other provinces.

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