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how braised the brain does the Oxford university degree questionnaires which 99% students are hanging off?

Oxford University's interview questions are notoriously difficult, and today, study with the king to see the most uncomfortable with most of the students studying Oxford University interview questions, up knowledge, to see what other people are examining what the University, but also test I can answer a few questions.
Ladybirds are red So are strawberries. Why?
Red can signal either 'do not eat me' or 'eat me' to consumers. I'm interested in seeing how people trying to resolve this
How do pirates divide their treasure?
A group of 7 pirates has 100 gold coins. how to get a University of Oxford degree, where to buy Oxford University fake degree, buy UK fake degree, buy UK fake diploma, They have to decide amongst themselves how to divide the treasure, but must abide by pirate rules:
The most senior pirate propose the division.
All of the pirates (including the most senior) vote on the division If half or more vote for the division, it stands. If less than half vote for it, they throw the most senior pirate overboard and again again.
The pirates are perfectly logical, buy fake certificate, buy university fake diplomas, buy high school diploma in UK, and entirely ruthless (only caring about maximizing their own share of the gold).
So, what division should the most senior pirate suggest to the other six?
I like to see how students can take directions, and if they can break problems into smaller subsets, and work through a complex concept applying a solution in an algorithmic way. If students have any questions, I want them to ask - not to sit in silence feeling stuck!

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