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the mother whose salary have $5000, why cant afford the children's education

A few days ago there is a news, about a monthly salary of $5,000 executives mother, drying out their daughter's summer bills, all kinds of summer camp training, and so spent tens of thousands. Parents address him, they simply can not afford the child's summer vacation. Many people think that the parents obviously in the show off the rich Well, where is the tuition fees expensive. But in fact, the monthly salary of 300 in the north is not what the high income, and as little as tens of thousands of tens of thousands of summer camp training courses are also normal, because the education is now in the use of money ah.
As a parent of two children, every time a friend expressed envy, buy diploma, buy fake degree, buy fake certificate, buy fake transcript, buy university degree, buy a bachelor degree in US, buy ucl fake degree, buy novelty diploma, buy phony diploma, buy high quality degree, sample of diploma certificate, buy igcse certificate, buy gce cert, buy university of london degree, buy lse diploma, buy csu degree, buy sjsu degree, buy usf degree, buy Malaysian fake degree, buy Australian fake diploma, buy RMIT degree, buy university of Melbourne degree, buy UWA degree, buy UWS fake degree, buy CIT fake diploma, I always said with each other: "Mom, the second child's maximum cost is not eating and drinking Lazard clothes, education, education fees in front of the other Can be ignored. "
Exaggerated? No exaggeration
I have an international school kindergarten parent group, the group of mothers are the future of their children have higher education requirements of the people. Because my child is relatively small, so do not pay much attention to the contents of which. Yesterday, occasionally looked at, I could not help talking to everyone. There are many families are two families, a father said:
"My family's annual income of 100W, two children, ready to let the children on the private school, I would like to ask my family this situation, where is the future education?"
Everyone Weapon: go to Tianjin, back home, the money if the two children support the private school is probably not enough.
In the eyes of many people, into the 100W high ah, but the cost of education count it?
My friend is a teacher in a famous international school, one year I used to listen to the school's winter (what will, the three words are typos), the stage of the young people are one by one to play the bombs are all good. I asked my friends: "To let the children learn the level of these children on the stage, each year a variety of specialty classes to pay how much money?
Friends say, basically the same with the tuition fee it.
Forgot to say that friends school tuition kindergarten 20W, junior high school about 30W or so it In other words, here a child's education expenditure is about 50W a year.
Two children a year 100W, maybe you are now into the 1000W, buy MIT fake degree, buy bachelor of arts degree, buy master of science degree, buy bachelor of business degree, buy BSc. degree, buy ARU fake degree certificate, how to buy a fake degree with transcript, replicate diploma copy, buy ucla fake degree, buy university of Arizona degree, buy fake certificate online. you can afford it. But the problem is that education is a must for at least 15 years of tough battle, to keep the child for 15 consecutive years of stability, and 15 years to support down, only to high school graduation only to study abroad has not yet started, Can you guarantee that your income is stable for 15 years or even longer?

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