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Why Choose France to Study Abroad? What are the Advantages of Studying in France?

1. High-quality and rich education courses
France has 77 public comprehensive universities, more than 200 engineering colleges, 150 business administration colleges, 120 public higher art colleges, 22 architecture colleges, and 3,000 other types of professional higher education institutions. how to buy fake diploma, fake degree for sale, buy fake degree, buy fake diploma, buy fake certificate,  The curriculum of these colleges and universities covers all fields: humanities, natural sciences, art, sports and all technical courses. There are now nearly 1,500 courses offered in English, covering various fields and stages.
2. High-quality scientific research
The French National Center for Scientific Research is the number one research institution in the world. France, with 65 Nobel Prize winners, is also one of the countries with the largest number of Nobel Prize winners in the world.
3. Diploma contains high gold content
After China and France signed an agreement on mutual recognition of diplomas in 2007, the Chinese government recognized all higher education diplomas recognized by the French government. In addition, the gold content of the French diploma is also recognized internationally. The Financial Times has awarded the world’s best MBA to the French business school (INSEAD). Among the world’s best 5 MBA schools Three are French universities.
4. Low tuition
France is one of the countries with relatively low tuition fees in the world. The government bears most of the actual tuition fees for students (average 9660 euros per student per year).
5. Ideal environment for studying abroad
As the world's fifth largest host country for international students. Students studying in France can fully meet their life, study and daily needs, including: university canteens and apartments, housing subsidies, medical insurance, and discounts on transportation and entertainment (movies, sports, libraries, Student clubs, etc.).
6. Diverse employment options
French universities attach great importance to vocational training of students. The employment rate of college students is high. The employment rate of professional undergraduate graduates is 91%, the employment rate of master graduates is 90%, and the employment rate of college technical diplomas is 88%. And the employment rate of graduates from engineering schools is 95%. where to buy fake diploma, fake degrees, fake diplomas, buy fake France diploma online, buy fake USA diploma, buy fake UK degree, At the same time, 86% of returnees studying in France can find a job within 6 months after returning home.
7. Internationalized languages
French is the fifth most spoken language in the world. Nearly 300 million people speak French worldwide. French is also the most learned language in the world other than English. The number of French speakers has doubled in the past 25 years, and the number of French speakers will triple in the next 25 years.
8. Pleasant living environment
Located in the heart of Europe, France is the world's largest tourist receiving country, receiving more than 80 million tourists every year. In the 2016 ranking of the best student cities announced by QS, Paris ranks first in the world.
9. A vibrant atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship
According to 2016 data from Thomson Reuters, the number of French companies on the "Global Top 100 Innovators List" ranks first in Europe. France ranks sixth in the world in terms of the number of patent applications, and France ranks first in Europe in terms of the number of new companies established.
10. French living art experience
There are more than 40,000 historical sites in France, of which 44 are listed as World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. There are more than 8,000 museums and more than 2,000 cinemas all over France. There are nearly 500 cultural festivals throughout the year.

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