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What Major Can I Study in Germany for English Majors?

1. Hamburg University, News Media and Globalization
How do media and news develop in a globalized world? What role do they play in it? The two-year international degree program "Journalism, Media and Globalization" is a unique combination of journalism, media and social sciences. how to buy fake diploma, fake degree, buy fake certificate, buy fake transcript, fake diplomas, fake certificates, The course is sponsored by the European Union and trains students from all over the world at two European universities. The master's program mainly provides theoretical knowledge about economics, war and crisis reports, and solves the form and core issues of globalization reports. There is also a practical part in the first year.
The course is offered in cooperation with the University of London, Aarhus University, Amsterdam University, Swansea University and the Danish School of Journalism. These students will study in an international group, expand their cross-cultural and language skills, and earn degrees in two study locations. Some students will also have the opportunity to study in non-European universities (USA, Australia, Chile) in the second semester.
2. University of Tübingen, American Studies
The Master of American Studies program provides comprehensive training on American research methods and theories, as well as a wide range of knowledge and insights into American literature, culture, history, and society. where to make fake diploma, buy fake FOM diploma online, fake transcripts, https://www.diplomasupplier.com, The program has a wide variety of courses, from courses on the past and early literary culture of the American colonies to courses covering contemporary topics in different media on race, class, gender, religion, ethnicity, and regional studies. The program provides students with a strong interdisciplinary curriculum, emphasizing student autonomy and academic cooperation and exchanges.
3. Keele University, British and American Literature, Culture and Media
At Christian Albrechts University Zukir (cau), you can study English and American literature, culture and media as a master's course. As the name suggests, British and American literature, culture and media are the focus of this master. The purpose of this topic is to deepen your understanding of current research issues and methods. At the end of your tenure at Keele University, you should be able to use differentiated methods and analytical skills to independently expand your scientific knowledge with valuable content.
In literature and cultural studies, you will mainly encounter literary fictional texts, but you will also encounter cultural content in art and film. You should concentrate on and research from the perspective of hermeneutics, and you should focus on history, history , Anchoring, reflecting and questioning on society and the media. In linguistics, you will examine the variability of English in conjunction with its descriptive methods. Now, you will gain a deepening of your knowledge of English from a bachelor's degree, so after obtaining a master's degree, you will be able to understand and copy the complex content in the popular universal language. Language and rhetoric tools can help you critically evaluate various types of language, including oral and written texts.
4. University of Bremen, English culture, language, writing, media
The international master's program "English Culture: Language, Writing, Media" continues the transnational status of English literature "ba", and resolves the separation of the traditional concepts of English and American studies. The course includes the study of English texts and media, as well as the linguistic diversity of English worldwide. These languages ​​are based on established and newer versions, such as b. Postcolonial, cultural, language and literary theory. The master's degree makes it possible for students to complete flexible expansion and deepening of research and focus on one of the following three fields: 1) British, North American and post-colonial literature; 2) Linguistics: types, intermediaries, applications; 3) Britain, North America And post-colonial cultural history. Mastery of communication skills at the master's level (the field of language practice ability to use English in professional practice) complements the course.
5. Free University of Berlin, English Studies: Literature, Language, Culture
The master's program deals with the literature and culture of the English-speaking world (except North America), past and present. The purpose of this course is to enable students to independently analyze, historically classify and theoretically reflect on the literature, language, media, and cultural customs of English culture. Therefore, the focus is not limited to national literature or culture, but cross-cultural encounters, dissemination and exchanges. Discussed history and current influence. Different knowledge about language productivity and language ability recognizes and analyzes the meaning of English history and counterpoint variants and how they work, especially at the semantic and pragmatic level. In addition, a firm understanding of cultural and historical connections, interdependence and interaction between language and other sign systems and forms of meaning creation, as well as the differences and references between text, media, discourse, and the order of knowledge, should be established.

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